Part Two of my interview with Gang of Four drummer Hugo Burnham.  The band gets kicked off Top of the Pops AGAIN and Hugo becomes the band's manager.  It does not go well.


Watch out, there may be gunshots.



In our second beta test episode, punk rock pioneer Hugo Burnham, drummer for Gang of Four, the pioneering punk band Rolling Stone called “the best politically motivated band in rock and roll,” talks about the ever present violence in the early days of punk, about the time the decided to blow off officer training boot camp with Her Majesty’s Royal Navy to see the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and about how Gang of Four effectively sabotaged its career before the band ever really had a chance to take off.


In our first, beta test episode, 21st Century ad man Jim Dowd tells us about losing a half billion dollar account in the most tragic way possible, how his brilliant tech start up failed because he didn’t listen to what his users were tellling him and how he got millions of views, national attention, and mainstream media praise for his tiny local blog by ignoring his readers’ complaints and instead swearing like a sailor.



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